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For June 26

We are mobile now; yes, Miss Paizly is crawling. Within just a few days she went from a stationary non-mobile little bundle of joy to a quick agile force of nature who must be watched during her every waking moment. This has placed Emma on high alert; one thoughtlessly yanked ear was all it took. Now, Emma sleeps with one eye open at all times. Unfortunately, the house and its contents don’t have Emma’s sixth sense, and it leaves pretty much anything within Paizly’s line of sight and reach vulnerable to drool and teething marks. Not to mention breakage, spillage, and even worse, injury. But it’s a right of passage that all little ones must go through to assure good mind development and body coordination and growth. Fresh from witnessing God’s glorious defeat of Baal’s prophets, Elijah hears that Jezebel has a price on his head, and instead of relying on God as he did earlier, he became afraid and ran. It is such a great story. Baal’s prophets had tried everything they knew to get Baal to respond, but nothing. Elijah prayed and God lit up the sky, and burned up the entire alter, causing the people to bow to Him again. Then Jezebel got mad, Elijah’s faith got weak and he ran, but God wasn’t finished with him and He called him out and helped Elijah in his developmental process. In order for us to develop spiritually we must crawl before we walk; we must lean on God, trust him and like Elijah listen for his voice. It might be scary, we might want to run; but fear not, God is not finished with you yet!

For June 19

Emma treed a bull snake the other day, and it wisely perched in that tree just out of her reach. She tried several times to climb the tree, but apparently dogs aren’t tree climbers. She tried her best high-jump impression, but she couldn’t quite jump high enough to reach the slithering menace. So she settled on her usual loud bark and intimidating growl to keep it treed until help could arrive. She wasn’t about to leave that tree until it was gone or better yet until it was taking a dirt nap. Like most folks, snakes are far down on Emma’s list of acceptable pets. There are those who seem to love the scaly little devils. They let them slither around their homes; they hold them and feed them yummy frozen rats. Others have them caged, but still treat them like common house pets. Emma and I live by another motto: We believe that the best snakes, the ones we can tolerate, are the dead ones.

The Bible says we should love one another, even if they have snakes as common house pets, even if we have a disliking for the scaly creatures. We are to love those who maybe don’t smell like we do. We are to love those who maybe don’t share our exact belief system. We are to love those who are less fortunate than we are and those in need and even those that seem to be in constant need. We are to love those who need a little more comforting than we do, those who are constantly down on their luck, even those who by our standards may have chosen the wrong path and are getting what they deserve. Yep, we are to love them all! Jesus said more than once that the greatest commandment was to love God with all our hearts and to love our neighbors. We are all neighbors, so let’s practice some neighborly love this week!

For June 12

Right outside the backyard fence lives a small cottontail rabbit that loves to aggravate Emma. Apparently the pesky little thing feels secure in the fact that Emma is trapped behind that big fence and cannot get to her because it freely hops around nibbling on the tender shoots of grass; cleaning herself, and sometimes just sitting there, gazing at Emma.

The whole time Emma is pressed against that fence giving that little rabbit her best menacing bark, and throwing in a deep growl now and then. But when Emma is outside that fence, the little rabbit is nowhere to be found. So, you can understand why Emma isn’t a fan of fences. As a matter of fact, if she had her way, fencing of any kind would be outlawed. The main problem with these barriers is that they keep her in when she wants out, and keeps her out when she wants in. Fences, we all build them whether imaginary or real. We try our best to place a security barrier around ourselves and family, protecting us from those we deem undesirables, those less deserving, those not in our circle of influence or concern.

We want a safe distance between them and us. To those who are different, those who perhaps don’t have what we have, and those that don’t think quite like we do, our fences send strong warnings to stay away. We do it in our daily lives and at Church. Yet, there is one who came to break down these walls and fences, to clear the way so that we could all live in peace and harmony together, praising and worshiping the Father together! Together let’s pray this week that our walls will come down and we can, like Jesus desired, worship and commune together.

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