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For October 16

Think on these things.... By Bud Turnage

Emma moved slowly and methodically, making certain that she remained a comfortable distance in front of us, scouting the way, clearing the path of any unwanted dangers. With each step, she would tilt her head to the right and sniff then to her left and she again would sniff the air. Occasionally, she would momentarily leave the path to get a closer look, a better smell of what might lie in wait under a clump of grass, a stand of cactus, or behind a tree. But she was quick to return to the path. When by chance her ears would catch the sounds of possible lurking danger, she would raise her ears to full attention, stop, and with a keen eye survey the surrounding territory.

From time to time, she would turn and make sure her charges where still safely in tow; she didn’t want to lose us on such an important adventure. Who knew we would need such protection just to get the mail? From time to time, we all need an Emma to lead us down the path, to protect us from those unknown dangers that lurk in the shadows. But where do we turn? Don’t know about you, but most times when I’m in need, I turn to the wrong person. Let me suggest to you that the next time you are in need of guidance, turn only the pages of your Bible.

Scripture says that the word became flesh. Jesus is the word. Therefore when we pick up our Bibles and read its pages, it is like having a conversation with Jesus. As we read, he will instruct us and guide us on our life path. Give it a shot this week and just see what amazing things God has planned for you!

For Oct 9

Think on these things… By Bud Turnage

As they slowly sulked back to their hometown, they couldn’t help but discuss the happenings of the weekend. They talked of how they had expected a totally different outcome. They were sure this guy was the one. So sure, in fact, that they had put all their hopes and dreams into this one man, and this weekend those hopes and dreams died, with him, on that cross.

You could see the disappointment and sadness written all over their faces. But as they walked, they meet a stranger, who didn’t seem to know why they were so sad. They began to explain the happenings of the past days to him, but he helped make clear to them how scripture had been fulfilled through the events of the past couple of days. When he left them, they marveled at one another, “Weren’t our hearts burning as he talked and explained things to us along the road?”

Has your heart ever burned with excitement when you thought of Jesus? While worshiping, or when you saw His mighty hand at work? I can’t imagine what it must have been like to witness Jesus in action, as he performed miracle after miracle, walking the roads with him and getting the opportunity to hear his words first hand, or peeking over at him while he prayed in the garden. We have the stories, but have our hearts grown cold with the readings. Has our focus been lost to more tangible, touchable, seeable things? This week, let’s walk with Jesus on the road, drink in his words, and let our hearts burn again!