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For Feb 26

Think on these things............. by Bud Turnage

While driving through town the other day, I spotted a man standing on a corner holding up a sign. Now, this wasn’t the usual “Will Work for Food” or “Needs Help” sign you might normally see someone holding on one of our fair city’s street corners. No, his sign was different, but I must confess my first thought was, “This guy wants money.” You see, the gentleman holding the sign didn’t remind me of one of the more prominent members of the community or any evangelist I’d ever met. His clothing was dirty, wrinkled and well worn. His shoes, well, they had been walked in more than a mile or two. His face was drawn and had a dirty brown tint, his gray matted hair and beard hung well past his shoulders. But then there was his sign. It simply read, “God Loves You, right where you are.” Made me ponder John, you know, the one they called the baptizer.

The Bible says that all of Judea and Jerusalem came out to see him. I wonder if the conversation went something like this. “Hey, let’s go out and see that freak in the desert. Did you hear what he eats? Did you see those clothes? Surely, if God were going to send a messenger, he would send someone with a little more class!” I wonder sometimes, have we allowed ourselves to get calloused? Do we have an image of what a Christian should look like stuck in our minds? If they don’t look like us, act like us, or smell like us, do we think, “Surely this person can’t be a child of God.” The gentleman I saw on the corner was right, God loves you, and He loves every person who walks this earth. My question simply is this, “If God loves those other people, why can’t we?”

For Feb 19

On a good day around five thirty or so, Paizly and I head out back to feed all the critters. We start with the goats, and once they have all their yummy food, Paizly just has to give each one of those sweet little goats a hug and a kiss; we call it giving them love. Then we move on to the chickens. Now Paizly would love to give the chickens some love, but they are not as fond of getting love as the goats. So, Paizly just enjoys throwing them their scratch. But our journey is never complete until we stop at the back porch and ring the wind chimes. Paizly loves ringing those things and it a sweet noise. To most people, it sounds like a bunch of noisy clanging…but to the grandpa, Dude, it’s a beautiful noise.

Jeremiah reminds us that before we were even born, God knew us. He knew us long before we ever took our first breath, before we were ever considered here on earth. He knitted us together in our mother’s womb. And no matter how far we may have wandered, when He hears our name, a smile breaks out across His face. When we hit our knees in prayer, He, like a loving parent, attentively listens. When we lift up our voices in praise to Him, joy swells in His heart. When we read His words, He rejoices! We are a beautiful noise to the Father! Shouldn’t His words and His ways be beautiful noises to us, as well? Let’s spend some time this week immersed in God’s love, learning His ways, so that we can live it out for those around us.

For Feb 12

Think on these things............ by Bud Turnage

Nothing makes my heart melt, my stress fade, and the cares of my day drain away faster than a visit with my dear sweet granddaughter Paizly. You see, when I pull up to the house, I can immediately see her small round head pop up in the window; when I open the car door, I can hear her squeals of excitement. Then she begins her little chant. "Duuude… Duuude!" Her head disappears, but within seconds you hear her banging on the front door.

When I open that door, she wraps her little arms around my legs, and howls "Hiii!" I pick her up and she gives me a big old hug and a kiss on the cheek, and I don’t have to tell you, at just that moment, all is well in my world! And almost even better, when I leave, she cries and wants to go with me. To be loved is amazing! But God loves us just that much and more!

Take a moment today to look around at this wonderful world He created for us. Consider the delicate intricacies of nature that sustain us on this rock that He put in place, just for us. But at the same time, consider the heart wrenching pain he must have felt, when He loved us so much that He sent His boy to take our place, to take our punishment, to make us whole. And when we lose our way, God stands waiting and watching, arms open wide, ready to squeal like Paizly when he sees us coming! When we get nearby, He throws open the door and rushes to greet us and gives us that tender hug and kiss we have missed. Soak in God’s love this week and share some of His unbending love with others.

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